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My Perfect Nude Face

Aktualizace: 8. bře 2020


Aka....one of my favorite look. Its either nude glam or no makeup makeup.

Throughout 2019, my favorite nude cosmetics products changed and switched up until I found my Holy Grail products.

Im going to list them below:

Products from left to right:

Doll 10 Beauty

Complexion Enhancing Palette

J. Beauty Cosmetics IG: https://www.instagram.com/j.beauty.cosmetics/Eyeshadow palette in shade Pretty Neutral

I haven't had a nude palette this pretty since my Morphe palettes.

My favorite lip stash for my nude looks. I'll list my favorites combinations below:

The first combination includes the HD Lip Sculptor from Black RadianceBeauty and my new favorite gloss from J. Beauty cosmetics in shade Morena.

The second combo is the HD Lip Sculptor from Black RadianceBeauty, Tarte cosmetics Tartiest lip paint gloss in shade Cinnamon, and favorite glitter gloss from an indie brand called Jaded Cosmetics. It's her glitter gloss in shade Rose gold. Heres her IG Go check her out https://www.instagram.com/jaded_cosmetics_llc/

For a little extra glow . I love using the Bella Chic Cosmetics highlighting spray. This is my first time ever trying a product like this BUT, it's nice extra something to give your face that natural dewy glow.

This highlighting spray (in shade Queendom) is the perfect amount of yeeeeeesssssss honey and wow thats pretty (lol).

This post is short sweet and to the point. I just wanted to put y'all on game because I'm always getting asked what I use for these types of looks.

Well, here you go.

See you on the next post.



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