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Dollar Shave Club (Is it worth the hype?)

Aktualizace: 24. bře 2020

I'm dedicating this post to every woman that shaves!!

So, I've been seeing all of these post and ad's for the Dollar Shave Club, and thought, I still shave, so let me see what all this hype is about.

The kit included:

-one handle (the razor handle)

-two disposable razor heads

-prep scrub

-shave butter

-post shave dew

To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed. Well, let me be completely honest, I love the prep scrub and the shave butter. But I wasn’t too impressed with the razor.

My skin felt weird after shaving with the products and the razor provided with the subscription. But before I decided that I completed disliked the products all together, I decided to try it with my new favorite BIC razor, (picture to the right)

The outcome was everything

I proceeded using the products from Dollar Shave Club starting with:

- the prep scrub (this scrub removes dead skin exposing ingrown hairs allowing you to get the closet possible shave)

-the shave butter (its clear which make shaving easier and helps the razor glide against skin causing less irritation)

-the after shave moisturizer (relieves skin of any irritation, has a slight cool sensation, makes skin really soft)

So over all I'd say this subscription is worth the money, but it also depends on the texture of your body hair. That's why I wasn't a big fan of the razor. The hair on my legs is coarse so I need a good razor when shaving my legs. A razor that doesn't shave right for me causes irritation on my sensitive skin.

I hope my review was pretty thorough.

Stay tune for the next post.


I tried this razor again with the products that it came with. It was more of an "OMG-I-forgot-to-but-new-razors" moment. Idk why, but I actually love this razor now.

Not sure why it worked better the second time around but I am now a believer!!!

OK babes,

That's all XOXO

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